What wallets are required for participating in a digital asset sale?

Funding wallet

The funding wallet is your own personal wallet that you will pull funds from to You can obtain an Ethereum wallet address from many different providers, but some popular choices include Trust Wallet, Metamask, and Atomic Wallet. Every wallet provider has pros and cons. We recommend researching your options and finding one that’s right for you. Issuers of token sales may have more specific wallet instructions that will be listed for sale.

Payment wallet (Bitpay)

Because tokens are issued on a blockchain, you'll need a Bitpay wallet address on the blockchain to pay for the investment and a separate wallet to receive the tokens. The wallet you use to receive your tokens will vary per offering, and you can thereafter transfer the received tokens from the receiving wallet to a wallet of your choice. 

Bitpay allows businesses to accept crypto payments. Republic is using Bitpay because of its Payment Protocol feature, which has the following benefits:

    • Payment Protocol makes sure you send exactly the right amount of cryptocurrency
    • With Payment Protocol, you don’t need to worry about failed payments, delayed orders, or refunds
    • Payment Protocol adds new security to payments, protecting you from sending payments to imposters or attackers
    • Payment Protocol makes sure you include a high enough miner fee for the network to confirm your transaction

    To learn more about how to set up your Bitpay wallet, please reference the links below:

    Note: Depending on the blockchain that the cryptocurrency or token you are sending to your Bitpay wallet is subject to transfer fees.

    Receiving wallet for collecting the investment

    You should provide an address that:

    1. belongs to you and
    2. can receive tokens on the blockchain where the token is issued.

    Using an exchange wallet will create a delay for transactions so we highly recommend a self-custodial wallet (e.g Metamask, Bitpay wallet, Exodus, etc.). However, if you wish to use a Coinbase exchange wallet, Bitpay’s payment protocol is supported. If you wish to use Binance, you must move your funds to a supported wallet and execute your transaction with your selected supported wallet.

    Republic will not validate your wallet address for accuracy, so make sure you are using the appropriate wallet address to receive the tokens during distribution. If you are having issues determining the appropriate wallet address, reach out to the issuer to learn more. You will never be using the Bitpay wallet or an exchange wallet to receive your tokens from the issuer. 

    If you need to change your wallet address, please reach out to our support team at crypto@republic.co. Per the terms and conditions of most offerings, changing your wallet address is not permitted.

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