Can I invest with wire payments?

Some digital asset offerings will not accept wire payments. Please refer to the offering page and our communications for more information.

To invest with a wire, simply select wire as your payment method during the investment process of the offering you're interested in. Wiring instructions will be provided after you confirm your investment commitment, so you do not need to send funds before confirming your investment commitment. Note that we only accept wire as a payment method for investment amounts greater than $1,000. Additionally, we cannot accept Wise (formerly TransferWise) for wires. You will have to send your wire through a bank.

After you've input your investment amount, select wire as your payment method, read and accept the terms of investment, and confirm your investment commitment if you'd like to participate in the offering.

After you've confirmed your investment commitment, full wire instructions will appear on the next page you're sent to, your portfolio page. You can always reference this page by going to and clicking "view my investment" for the relevant offering. Use the wiring instructions to send your funds to Republic's third-party payment partner, Prime Trust. Prime Trust will hold the funds while the offering is live and release the funds to the issuer if and if your investment commitment is accepted.

Because wires can take 5-10 business days to process, we require that each investor upload a wire receipt to their portfolio. If you do not upload a wire receipt and we do not receive your funds before the auto-cancellation deadline of the offering, your investment commitment will automatically be canceled. You can upload the wire receipt to your portfolio page when you click "view my investment".

If the offering is already sold out when your investment commitment is canceled, we will not be able to reinstate your previous position in the offering and you will be added to the end of the waitlist, so it is imperative that investors who choose wire as their payment method upload their receipt, or the closest thing they have to a receipt, before the end of the auto-cancellation period of the offering. For most crypto offerings, investors have four days to complete all required action items, including uploading a wire receipt, but please review your portfolio to understand the timeline associated with each offering.

Please note that sometimes wires are reduced by bank fees with fees before they reach Prime Trust. If your investment amount does not match the amount received because your wire was affected by fees, we will either have to reduce your investment amount to match the amount received or you will have to send additional funds to cover the difference.

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