Can I increase or decrease my investment in a digital asset offering?

For Reg CF offerings, you can increase, decrease, and cancel up until 48 hours before the campaign deadline, even after the investment is committed, by going to your portfolio at once you’ve logged into your Republic account and click view investment. There you can click the pencil icon next to your investment amount. If you’d like to increase your investment, be sure to enter the new total investment amount as opposed to the amount you want to increase. An email confirmation will state the deadline for changes or cancellation of investment. 

For example, if you invested $1000, and you want to increase to $3,000, enter $3,000. Upon confirmation, you will immediately be charged for your investment, to the same payment method you provided us when you first invested in the offering. If you paid via wire, please send a wire for the amount you increased. 

For Reg A, D, and S offerings, you will not be able to cancel or decrease your investment amount once the investment is committed.

Note: Changing your investment amount during a sold-out campaign may place your additional investment amount on the waitlist and may not be fulfilled.

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