How do I know that my investment is confirmed?

  • To ensure that the investment can be finalized, be sure to complete the following:
    • For all investors and entities, make sure your identity verification
      • If identity verification fails, you will have to upload an alternative document. For example, non-US investors must upload a passport if their national ID fails to complete the identity verification process
    • For wire investments, make sure you upload a wire receipt.

If the status of your investment is "committed" in your portfolio ( and you have no required action items showing in your portfolio, you should be all set. That said, for accreditation and entity verification, we may reach out to you personally requesting more information for verification so keep an eye out for emails from us! 

As long as you have completed your required identity verifications and successfully funded your investment, your investment will be processed by Republic and tokens will be distributed according to the terms and schedule.

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