How do I invest with Automated Clearing House (ACH) as a payment method?

Some digital asset offerings will not accept Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments. Please refer to the offering page and our communications for more information.

Only US-based investors will be able to pay using ACH as a payment method when accepted for an offering. In order to use ACH as a payment method, select "U.S. Bank" under payment information.

You can either add your bank details manually or select your bank account via Plaid.

If you add your details manually, you will be asked to select the account type (checking or savings) and to input the routing and account number.

If you choose the "select bank account" method, you will be redirected to Plaid, the application Republic uses to link with your bank. All this requires is your online banking login information. On Plaid, you can select the bank that is associated with the account you'd like to fund your investment with. You will log in using your bank's online login information, verify yourself via a form of two-factor authentication sent by your bank, and then your bank account will be linked to Republic.

You'll be redirected back to Republic where you'll be able to select that bank account as your payment method.

After inputting your investment amount, selecting your bank account as the payment method, and read and accept the terms of the investment, you can confirm your investment.

Funds will automatically pull from your account. If there are any issues with completing your payment, please reach out to us at

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